Slumber Party at Rainbow Bridges English Academy


Overnight adventure at Rainbow Bridges Headquarters


Next Slumber Party event: May 26, 2018


•Learn and use real-life English

•Learn new and useful vocabulary and sentence patterns

•Have fun!

•Safe and convenient location



Times: 6pm drop-off, 1:30pm pick-up

Place: 1-22-28 Arae, Jounan-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi

Cost: ¥10,000 per participant

Activities: games, cooking, special lessons, music, videos, etc.


Rainbow Bridges English Academy headquarters

About Rainbow Bridges’ Headquarters:

We rent a 2-story 4LDK house located about a 30-second walk from Arae Yotsukado intersection. It has a 22 tatami mat living space, a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of extra bedding, shower/bathroom facilities, and nearby parks. It is a comfortable, open space perfect for a fun overnight stay!





How to apply:

1) Send an email to The email should contain:

- Your name, your child’s name, age and class name

- Why your child wants to be a participant in this program

2) After the application deadline passes, we will select participants and notify applicants of the results by email.

3) If you are selected to participate, you will receive further instructions.